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RECORDINGS: I am available to record and program keyboards, synths, beats, and orchestral arrangements for musicians and producers all around the globe. We use file transfer services to collaborate remotely on your song or project or you can work with me in my Hollywood studio, Bovaland.

PRODUCTION: Have me produce your next song or project. Contact me to discuss.

MIXING: I mix from my state-of-the-art Hollywood studio.

DEMO TO MASTER: I offer a special service to developing artists and songwriters. I take your existing song tracks and give them a polished professional sound for submitting to publishing, film, and TV opportunities. (The existing recorded performances must be suitable for use and submitted in professional formats.)



Coaching/Mentoring Programs

Private Artist Coaching Programs with Jeff Bova

“Through my own personal work, I found out how powerful having a coach was. I know that so many musicians and artists out there could benefit from working with someone who knows the business, the challenges, and can teach them the tools to support them in their evolution as performers and creators.”                                                                                                                                                        - Jeff Bova                                                                                                                                                                    

On the path to success as artists, we strive for the best both in expressing ourselves creatively and performing to our highest potential. Along the way we encounter challenges that require refining technique as well as learning new skills and new approaches to our work.

Like anyone, artists need a strong foundation of support to be successful. Artists have been underserved by the assumption they need no more than a good manager, their own passion, inspiration, and courage to be successful.

In order to get this type of coaching and support you usually attend general trainings or programs that are not musically or artistically oriented and do not address issues unique to the creative artist.

We are often surprised when what stands between us and the full expression and emergence of our creativity is merely a belief … an idea we have about ourselves that is no longer serving us.

Invest in Yourself!

Jeff brings his 30+ years in the music business and CCEP training to support your artistic and creative process using dynamic coaching, “Core Energetics” processes, and peak-performance technology.

Through private, individual work with Jeff, you learn to acquire, rehearse, and consistently perform your skill or talent at a heightened level to create a solid and authentic musical foundation for your career. Whether you are a seasoned pro looking to learn the latest personal development techniques or just starting your career, Jeff will design a program that is built to support your needs and goals.

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Music Xray – Jeff Bova

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