BOVALAND, Jeff’s studio, has moved to its new location, the historic Raleigh Studios in Hollywood, which was originally founded by Adolph Zukor as the Famous Players Fiction Studio in 1912. This Hollywood location is the oldest independent studio in continuous operation.

Bovaland was born at the legendary recording studio The Power Station in New York City which Jeff called his home for many years. It was during this time that the best of the industry, from Cyndi Lauper, Eric Clapton, Celine Dion, Meat Loaf, Billy Joel, and many other legends of pop music, enlisted Jeff to contribute to their albums.

After Power Station’s untimely closing, Bovaland’s next home was the world-renowned Hit Factory studios in NYC, where Jeff continued his Grammy- and Platinum-award winning work. When the former Power Station became the now famous Avatar Studios, Jeff was invited to return to be part of the creative community there. After many rewarding and creative years in New York City, Jeff decided to move Bovaland to The Lot in Los Angeles. .

With The Lot undergoing major redevelopment, Bovaland’s new home is at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood. Artists who have worked with Jeff at Bovaland have found themselves energized and motivated in the vital, creative atmosphere wherever Bovaland has called home. As music production and the business has evolved, so has Bovaland. Music projects are done both locally and remotely, to suit today’s budget and production practices.

To bring world-class music to life, it is vital that the environment supports excellence as well as inspiration.








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