Creative Artist Coaching/Mentoring Programs

Private coaching sessions with Jeff Bova will help you build your career foundation ... find your authentic performance or writing voice ... strengthen your confidence ... expand your vision ... tap into the hidden resources of your creative soul ... and bring forth your artistic vision to share with the world.

You’ll discover new tools and techniques to refine your production and writing. Set achievable goals, put them into action, and celebrate the results. Learn techniques and practices to deepen and improve your creative flow.



Creative Artist Consultation                                  $250

In this one-hour call via phone or Skype, Jeff gives you feedback, insights, and advice about your music which he reviews prior to your session. He will answer any questions you may have as well as help you clarify any issues regarding your artistic direction and your alignment with it, plus highlight your strengths and define areas that he feels need expansion.  The call will leave you inspired to move forward, feeling supported with clarity and greater purpose.



Master Artist Coaching Program - 3 Months         contact for more info

  • Three private phone/Skype sessions with Jeff per month (45 mins.).
  • Unlimited e-mail support during the program.
  • Clarify your vision and define your goals for your path to success.

Jeff will provide guidance, insights, and feedback in the following areas:
Your creative and work process   Songwriting 
  Arranging Production   Software and Equipment

Your program is custom-tailored to support everything YOU need to uplevel your skills and advance your career. 

* A three-month commitment to the Master Artist Coaching Sessions is required for real, lasting change to occur. This time frame allows you to integrate and apply the new skills and knowledge while you create new, positive habits.



The One-Day Intensive ... In-Studio Coaching Session              contact for more info

Spend an intensive day with Jeff in his West Hollywood studio at the historic “Lot” while soaking up its inspiring creative atmosphere. This is an immersive mentoring experience full of discovery and expansion. Your program for the session is designed to support your needs and goals.
Clarify your artistic direction and your alignment with it. 
• Identify your true strengths and define any areas that need work.
• Get a detailed review of your songs and production.
• Get mentoring on any aspect of your work or career.
Lunch and dinner included to nourish body, mind, and spirit for optimal energy and performance.                                                       
All travel, lodging, and incidentals are the responsibility of the client.



Coming Soon!! Become a Radically Alive Artist

Jeff is a certified Core Energetics practitioner (CCEP) and has created a brilliant and unique program to bring this powerful, liberating work to the creative artist.
• As artists, we strive for the best, both in expressing ourselves creatively and performing to our highest potential. Along the way we encounter challenges that require refining technique, and learning new skill sets and approaches to our work.
• Using CORE Energetic processes, learn how to deepen and expand your creativity while clearing barriers to your greatest expression as an artist, musician, or songwriter. 
• This work can also be done with bands, collaborative partners, or teams to improve creative working relationships. 
If this transformative experience interests you, please request more info via the link below.

To schedule a session with Jeff or discuss programs, click HERE.
(limited slots available)

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